Who exactly has this kitesurf DVD been designed for?

El método de aprendizaje más completo, más seguro, más lúdico nunca antes concebido.

Articulado alrededor de 21 etapas, kiteschool DVD aborda todas las preguntas que se hacen los principiantes y los practicantes intermedios.

author and professional instructor

"I began to imagine a DVD that would be both the ideal companion for learners and schools."

I have been teaching people to kitesurf for more than 10 years and I have noticed that, from one year to the next, learners tend to forget certain technical and safety advice.

Many of the DVDs available today don't put enough emphasis on safety or on the problems that may be encountered. Don't forget that this is a dangerous sport.

I began to imagine a DVD that would be both the ideal companion for learners and schools. It is a teaching aid that will help centres to prepare their training, provide visual examples and animated explanations. This will really help to memorise the fundamentals."

author and professional instructor"KITESCHOOLDVD required two years of hard work with the support and contribution of many different partners. That is why it is the best audiovisual learning kitesurf guide today."
Hugo Badaroux, Kitesurf Magazine Editor

Un método verdaderamente interactivo

Kiteschool DVD le describe con precisión, las diferentes etapas del aprendizaje y las soluciones para mejorar.
Cuidado! Kiteschool DVD le permite aprender o profundizar sus conocimientos del kitesurf. Sin embargo, es indispensable descubrir y aprender el kitesurf en una escuela con profesionales.


Kiteschool DVD evoca todas las configuraciones que encontrara: condiciones de viento, zona de despegue, geografía del spot, reglas de preferencia…. Para responder a los mayores estándares de seguridad, KITESCHOOL DVD fue concebido con la comisión de las escuelas de la FFVL, el GMK y Cabrinha Inetrnational. Sin embargo, es indispensable aprender kite en una escuela de profesionales.

Also designed for kitesurf instructors

KITESCHOOL DVD has also been designed for instructors looking for an interactive educational support for their training programme. It is an essential partner for the instructor throughout the learning and improvement phases and is, in fact, one of the best kitesurf training tools.

author and professional instructor

"For me, it is essential to learn how to Kite surf in a school or approved centre. When I watched Kite school DVD I knew immediately that it was the ideal tool for schools and Kitesurf training courses.  The 3-D illustrations are ideal to demonstrate configurations and meteorological questions. This will be a big help in following learner progress. I strongly recommend it to kitesurfing instructors."


Warning: KITESCHOOL DVD will be your guide, helping you to learn and to deepen your understanding of Kite surfing. Please remember that Kite surfing can be quite dangerous and so it is absolutely essential to discover or learn Kite surfing in a professional school or centre who will put you in control.

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